At Lunar Massage, we’re thrilled to announce that we now offer yoga classes and individual yoga solutions. As a wellness center dedicated to helping our clients achieve balance and relaxation, we’re constantly expanding our offerings to provide comprehensive mind-body services. Our experienced instructor will guide you through invigorating yoga classes tailored to your level and preferences, helping you improve flexibility, strength, and inner peace. We also offer personalized, one-on-one yoga sessions to address specific concerns or goals you may have. Join us at Lunar Massage!

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Weekly Schedule

7:00am Vinyasa Yoga
12:00pm Vinyasa Yoga
4:30pm Vinyasa Yoga
6:00pm Vinyasa Yoga
8:00pm Yin Yoga

7:00am Vinyasa Yoga
12:00pm Vinyasa Yoga
4:30pm Vinyasa Yoga
6:00pm Vinyasa Yoga
8:00pm Yin Yoga



Yin is a deeply meditative, slow, and quiet practice targeting the fascia, ligaments, joints, and meridians in the body. This class focus is finding the body’s edge where breathing flows easily yet the challenge is prevalent in holding postures through discomfort reflecting trials and tribulations in our waking life. Deepening into the meridians taps into the nervous system which is connected to every organ and extremity. This class is accessible to every level of practitioner and especially challenging to those who prefer a vinyasa which mainly targets the muscles.



Vinyasa is a flow of yoga postures strung together by the breath. Every inhale initiates a movement as does every exhale. This practice targets the muscles using a variety of postures and three main postures, chaturanga, upward facing dog, and downward facing dog utilized through sun salutations. Sun salutations warm up and energize the body by utilizing hundreds of muscles, the spine, and regulates breath. No vinyasa is ever the same and is great for beginners and advanced practitioners. At Lunar vinyasa classes consists of 70 minutes of flow and 10 minutes of breath work.



Discover your personalized toolbox for yoga, a class curated to meet your unique needs, incorporating tailored poses, breathwork, and mindfulness techniques to support your physical, mental, and emotional well-being.

In order to maintain high-quality service for our clients and treat our staff with respect, these are Lunar Massage policies:

Customized session: Contact Sam at 347-726-0616 or email [email protected]
First-time clients: We may require a credit card hold for all reservations.
Cancellation Policy: 24 hours to avoid $50 cancellation/no-show fee and
12 hours to avoid a full charge equivalent to the treatment booked.

Late arrival: If you are late for your appointment, your session may be cut short and the full session fee will still apply.


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First Timer: $15
Use coupon FIRST-TIMER at checkout

Drop-In Rate: $28

Zoom drop in: $15 (live stream group classes)

75 mins $75
90 mins $85

Group private session:
$25 per person

Contact Sam to organize a private session at 347-726-0616 or email us on our contact page here.

Meet Samantha

Come introduce yourself to our new yoga instructor Samantha. The greatest take away from her classes are mindfulness and the importance of making space for the good by releasing the unwanted. She’s an expert in proper alignment and loves aiding those who add yoga to other forms of exercise, beginners to the practice, and runners. She revels in the flow of intuitive desires and serves her students with the space to find their unique guide by moving through the bodies ranges of motion and guiding a practice for self love. Her goal is to spread high frequencies through each class with the desire that energy spreads across the community. Personally, she loves meeting new people, writing, hiking, dancing and exploring the city of DC! @samm_theyogi

Coupling a Yin yoga class, meditation/breath work session, or a Vinyasa practice with a massage is the best form of self care.