Meet Our Therapists


Master Esthetician

Beauty has always been my passion since I was a little girl. After attending college to pursue a fashion career on one random vacation, I was able to take the time to really think and realize skincare is something I care more about.

Since I have grown in my profession, I’ve become more interested in Advanced Facial treatments and Massages. Certified and Trained in Advanced Massage Techniques, Chemical Peels, Dermaplane, Microdermabrasion, Hydrafacial, and more.

I plan to further my knowledge in Esthetics. My goal is to comfort and uplift my clients by treating their skincare concerns. I love to see my clients come back and I’m able to educate them on proper skin care routines.


Massage Therapist

Samantha graduated from Potomac Massage Training Institute in 2017 and became interested in massage through integrative medicine and the therapeutic benefits of bodywork physically, mentally, and emotionally. Currently certified in Swedish and Deep Tissue, she uses an approach that is client centered, inclusive and relaxation based, encouraging body awareness and self healing.


Massage Therapist

I am passionate about health and wellness. I have been very interested in learning about alternative medicine for a long time because I believe health is the outcome of small choices you make daily: how to eat, sleep, move, protect, unwind, and connect. I believe stress can be managed along with well-being. I graduated from Metropolitan Beauty & Tech School as an Esthetician, also NOVA Training Center with a certification as a Massage therapist. I have a background in Eastern philosophies. I use my professional methods which are Swedish, Deep Tissue, Lymphatic Drainage, Cranial Sacral Massage (Brain Healing Massage), Hot stone, Reflexology, Prenatal, as well Facial care. My massage is slow, deep, and specific. I focus on reducing tension in the muscles and reducing nerve compression, stress, and anxiety while increasing balance, energy, relaxation, and overall well-being. My holistic skin approach to attaining beauty taps into the best of nature by combining natural and certified organic ingredients with breakthrough advanced skin care. I recommend the proper home care program to help my customers maintain their skin’s health and youthful appearance. I plan to do a good combination of facial care and bodywork.
I have great pleasure in supporting people on the journey to happiness, beauty, and health.

Location: 11th Street Location


Master Massage Therapist

Bryan attended the Baltimore School of Massage (now know as Cortiva Institute Massage Therapy and Skin School) and has been practicing since 2014. He is trained in Swedish, Deep Tissue, Prenatal, as well as Sports Massage. And he is also looking to add more modalities to his tool bag! What got him passionate about massage was seeing so many people not live up to their full potential and do everything they were created to because their bodies aren’t being taken care of.

What is your favorite form of self care? Massage, of course!
Furthest you’ve ever traveled? Dominican Republic
What made you decide to get into massage therapy? I got into the health and wellness business to teach people how to take better care of their bodies.


Massage Therapist

Caring for the wellbeing of others and self, Epiphany became a licensed massage therapist, graduating from Everest College in 2011. The combination of Swedish and Deep Tissue being the forefront of Epiphany’s specialties, her focus is working from the core outward. She believes tension is mostly stored in the torso allowing imbalances in posture to cause stress in the average person’s life. Although taught the Western practices of bodywork, Eastern bodywork will be a part of Epiphany’s work such as Reiki and other energy work practices, along with Aromatherapy to give a more holistic style of healing.

We are always looking to add to our team! If you are interested in joining Lunar Massage please email [email protected].